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Connecting to an Access Database using Classic ASP Imagine you have three tables containing similar data. You should now see the main Access dialog box, from here select 'Create table in design view'. You now need to create 3 fields for the database and select their data types. Field 1 needs to be called 'ID_no' and have the data type of 'AutoNumber'. Also set this field as the primary key.

How do I write a divide code for Access 2007? - Microsoft. You want all the data from those three tables in one query. So if table1 had 50 records table2 had 20 records and table3 had 10 records the resulting query would have 80 records in it. How do I write a divide code for Access 2007? I want to divide two fields, then multiply by 100 and have them appear in another field. I would like to multiply by different numbers depending on the values in field 1 and field 2.

Access/VBA Tutorials Here is the example database zipped Below is another example. This is because it appears once in table1, once in table2 and once in table3. An Outlook / MAPI code library for VBA, and C# projects Get emails out to your customers reliably, and without hassle, every single time. Use vbMAPI alongside Microsoft Outlook to add professional emailing capabilities to your projects.

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