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Networking Projects for Final Year Students - Engineering A Web Application prototype for public transportation, serving a RESTful API to find Stations, Bus, Metro and Tramway's Lines, while also computing the best multimodal path between two stations or addresses The purpose of this project is to take handwritten digits as input, process the digits, train the neural network algorithm with the processed data, to recognize the pattern and successfully identify the test digits. The main part of an Engineering life is projects. Engineers are known for their works and knowledge which is reflected in the projects only. These projects help them get experience in their fields too. In this article we will talk about some amazing Networking Projects for Final Year Students.

Arduino Projects List For Final Year Students The popular MNIST dataset is used for the training and testing purposes. To detect the tilt, the Arduino uses the gyroscope and a 3 axis accelerometer. The final goal of this project is to control the camera on my RC glider. Blinking A Led with Arduino This is a very simple Arduino project which uses just a led and resister. The led is connected to the Arduino board by a resister and by running the Arduino code in our computer, we can make the led to blink with a present delay time.

Tilting Trike - testing video Final year college project. The IDE used is MATLABSwarming behaviour is based on aggregation of simple drones exhibiting basic instinctive reactions to stimuli. Tilting Trike - testing video Final year college project. The goal of this project is to design and fabricate a three-wheeled vehicle consisting of one front wheel and two rear wheels also.

Final Year Project Presentation - SlideShare However, to achieve overall balanced/interesting behaviour the relative importance of these instincts, as well their internal parameters, must be tuned. Presentation explaining the work carried out during our market validation for our Final Year Project Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Computer Science Final Year Projects - YouTube In this project, you will learn how to apply Genetic Programming as means of such tuning, and attempt to achieve a series of non-trivial swarm-level behaviours. Computer Science Final Year Projects. Computer Science students at Bangor University showcase the posters and projects they have been working on. For more information about our degrees and courses.

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